Why Every Fashionista Should Go Thrifting

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Even before Macklemore was singing thrifting’s praises, I have been an advocate for thrift shopping & recycling clothing. I realize that when entering a thrift store like GoodWill or the Salvation Army it can seem like a daunting shopping experience, but if you keep an open mind you learn that thrifting is a cost effective, environmentally friendly, treasure hunt! Those racks of seemingly unappealing clothes can turn into these designer brands in your closet at 75% off the original price:

10 Reasons to Go Thrifting

It’s a treasure hunt.

Every successful Goodwill trip I’ve gone on takes a minimum of 3-4 hours of searching racks for the perfect styles. Some may find this daunting, but for a girl who loves to shop this is a treasure hunt, and every item found is an earned reward. I love the fact that I have no idea what I’ll find and discover pieces I never would have thought of initially.

Everything is affordable.

For a girl on a budget, thrifting is the next best thing from shopping at the mall. When I search the racks I immediately scan for brand names like Guess, BCBG, Micheal Kors, Coach, Stella McCartney, DKNY, etc. These are the “treasures” to me because either I’ll love the piece or someone else will and it can easily be resold on eBay. All of these items will cost between $4-10 so its easy to splurge without having buyers remorse.

It’s recycling at its best.

Of course I love to take my old clothes to places like Platos Closet or Rag O Rama first, but for the rejected pieces I take them to GoodWill because I know that someone will love the items I’m not interested in wearing anymore. It feels good to recycle rather than throwing out old clothes.

It saves the environment.

There are countless of clothes that end up in waste dumps, having adverse effects on the environment. According to the EPA Office of Solid Waste, “Americans throw away more than 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per person per year, and clothing and other textiles represent about 4% of the municipal solid waste”. With the rise of fast fashion, clothing has increasingly become more disposable in the eyes of consumers; recycling clothing to thrift shops is a great alternative to discarding clothing.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

When shopping in more affluent communities it amazes me the items I’ll find that people have discarded. I’ve found new dresses for $250 with the price tag still on them for $5. I’ve found brand new designer shoes by Betsey Johnson, Coach, and Steve Madden.

Great activity for a girls day.

I’ve spent days with my girlfriends at the Goodwill in Buckhead and we love it—we all run in opposite directions of the store and find different pieces and get each other’s opinions—it’s a lot of fun to find random items with your friends.

Finding the perfect costume.

You never know what you’re going to find in Goodwill, perhaps you’ll find an ugly Christmas sweater for a themed party, a Halloween ensemble, or fun footy PJS. Sometimes I’ll find items that are unseasonable and then I’ll keep them in storage, that way I don’t have to worry about spending money on a Christmas Sweater or Halloween Costume. Instead of spending $70 on a costume that is made out of polyester and won’t last more than 1 night, I’ll find a dress from Goodwill for $5 and cut it up to make it into a lasting costume!

You look fabulous without breaking the bank.

I’ve had several people approach me and ask where I got my outfit or a particular accessory and when I tell them I got it from Goodwill they look shocked. They either have never been thrifting, or have gone and didn’t take the time to go through the racks and didn’t realize that you can find designer brands and accessories that are in great condition.

Inspiration for DIY projects.

Goodwill is not just about finding clothing; you can find miscellaneous items like beads, dream catchers, vases, fabric, etc. that are excellent to utilize in inexpensive DIY projects, scrapbooking, and crafting!

Become the Trend Setter.

There are those who follow trends, and those who create them; men and women who find unique ways of expressing their personality that catches on and eventually goes mainstream. I think thrifting is the perfect place to start for those who want to find something unique and innovative for their wardrobe—something that’s not in every department store and is unique to their personal taste.

Are you convinced? Here’s some tips to get you started!

    • Keep an open mind. I know that it can be very daunting seeing racks full of clothes that seem undesirable but trust me, searching is half the fun!
    • Only take what you really love. Unless you plan to resell items, only take what you absolutely adore—even if its very affordable there’s no need to collect items you won’t end up wearing.
    • Shop every section. Even if you came in for jeans, take a look around the whole store because you never know what you might find!
    • Don’t feel obligated to buy something every thrifting trip. It really is a game of chance and you won’t always find the perfect treasured item—but that next week the store could be filled with new gems!